Looks like Google is getting into the speed test game

It wasn't too long ago that Netflix launched, a site that tests the speed of your internet connection. But even before existed there were a number of internet speed test sites including which is arguably [still] the most popular speed test destination for people looking to see … [Read more...]

Is the Internet of Things driving the Industry of Things?

Much is being made about major changes happening across the globe to manufacturing and industry. These changes are disrupting the way we work, the way we create products and the way we interact, on a global scale, with the entire myriad of connected parties in the supply chain. This is being called Industry … [Read more...]

A look at what happens every second on the internet

The internet is a big place, between the web and other protocols that make up the massive network, there's always something happening on it. But what exactly happens each second on the internet? Well, you're about to find out with this cool infographic created by the fine folks at UnboxingDeals. Every second … [Read more...]

How Cloud Technology Is Changing The Way We Do Business

Cloud technologies can push your business’ capabilities to new levels. Every aspect of business has evolved as the cloud permeates our culture. Increasing amounts of data fuels the cloud as it grows with demand, offering you fast and innovative ways to leverage information as a competitive … [Read more...]

How To Detect Bugs In Your System Before It’s Too Late

When using technology, which these days is pretty much always, we expect a glitch-free experience regardless of what we’re doing and which platform we’re using. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order to make that happen. One of the best methods of predicting when bugs will occur … [Read more...]

Is the Internet of Things One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

Human beings are pretty good at creating technology. We've always done it; it is part of the essence of what makes us human. The stone tools of the ancient past are in every way as important, if not more so, than the digital tools we use today. But leaps of logic within our material culture that result in … [Read more...]

How the Internet of Things is a Revolution for Consumers and Business Alike

How the Internet of Things is a Revolution for Consumers and Business AlikeThe Internet of Things is the next natural step onwards from the Internet. Just about everyone and their dog have created IoT versions of their products. There are connected fridges, baby onesies, health monitors, cars, lamps, garage … [Read more...]

How To Setup A DigitalOcean Server for WordPress

So I recently decided to give DigitalOcean a shot at hosting BestTechie. We've been using it for KYA and have been happy with the performance, so I figured why not? One of the major things that was super important to me was that I wanted to make my DigitalOcean server (or as DigitalOcean refers to them: … [Read more...]

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