Social media applications are part of this century’s most astounding developments, and Twitter is one of this generation’s most-used global connection apps. Users are now learning anything and everything via applications, and being able to connect with other users across the world in just a few clicks makes it even easier to access information about anything.

Twitter has well over 300 million monthly active users and in 140 characters, these users can post and share information via tweets at any random time, to reach their followers and others. Being able to instantly share ideas, opinions, updates, campaigns, advertisements, new releases, and so much more with the entire globe in a matter of seconds has vastly changed the age of information-share, and ultimately made the world a much smaller place. And in this information age, where people want to know about the next best thing before it is even out there, social media apps like Twitter have made our lives more fast-paced and interactive than we even realize.

casino-boardSo how can Twitter teach you about gambling? In the past, if you wanted to learn the tricks of the trade, you’d have to visit a land based casino, a private gaming venue, or a sleazy back-alley joint where deals are virtually made under the table. These days, things are not so exclusive or underhanded, and people want access to things in an instant, anywhere, anytime. If you want to know the latest sports scores and updates, most recent lottery numbers, the best casino promotions out there, all you need to do is search for the appropriate handicap or hashtag and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have a live feed of global activity between Twitter handicappers.

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There are posts on how to play, the best games to play, how to fool the so-called system, and even tip-offs on apparent money-gushers. Now, with regular updates like these, it’s no wonder people are glued to their handsets to check on the bets they’ve got going or looking for ways to cash in on some mega bucks.

Twitter and most social media apps will allow campaigns and advertising about responsible gambling. If you’re an avid sports fan, you can keep up with your favorite teams’ scores and statistics, and exchange betting tips with other handicappers. By interacting with users via Direct Messages, you can quickly become a card game guru, learning how to beat even the shrewdest dealer. Instant connectivity also means you can play and chat simultaneously, opening up a world of multi-player games and betting for a chance to win an even bigger pot.

By following the desired trending topics, you could learn about any casino’s latest promotion the minute it goes live and take advantage of a quick cash in wherever, whenever. Users interested in gaming and gambling, or bookies, or casino promoters are all too eager to share their knowledge about gambling and Twitter is one of the best mediums to do so. With so many active accounts, learning all you need to know is right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Twitter can teach you everything you want to know about top slots, the best online casino games, how to beat the House in your favorite card game or point you in the direction of a fantastic gaming website like

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