Mobile technology has improved immensely over the years. The forebears of modern-day smartphones were rudimentary devices, best relegated to the Jurassic era of technology. Back in the day, cell phones were designed for one purpose: making calls. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a smartphone without an ever-expanding range of seemingly limitless possibilities. Tech junkies may even take it a step further, proclaiming boldly that these smart devices are indispensable appendages for living, enjoying, and managing our lives.

Feature-rich abilities, functions, and options have been intricately interwoven into these devices, thanks to innovative technology. The rate of change in technological development is unprecedented. Coverage has dramatically expanded, and features have been added to make it much easier to gain maximum benefit from these sophisticated devices. Hardware and software considerations aside, it’s the rapid and unprecedented developments in Internet coverage that makes everything possible. From dial-up Internet in the 90s to 5G in 2019, a veritable world of possibilities now awaits users.

Gaming benefits from quantum leaps in technology

Technology has dramatically altered the gaming arena in so many ways. Thanks to the unprecedented advances in 3D design software, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and multiplayer functionality, gaming aficionados are now able to experience world-class entertainment on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Internet, hardware, and software advances have been coupled with increasing liberalization in the online gaming arena. This has allowed the industry to fast track a stunning range of card games, including the inimitable Texas Hold’em Poker. Players needn’t worry about frequenting land-based poker rooms to compete for massive prizes; all the action is available instantly, from the comforts of home.

Technology has played an incredible part in the popularization of mobile casino games too. Were it not for access to high-speed broadband Internet, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and now 5G connectivity, games would be limited to the traditional model of land-based establishments. Players are making the case for greater access to mobile gaming, across the board.

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The concept of multiplayer functionality was the stuff of legend back in the 90s, but today it is a reality enjoyed all over the world. Fans are united in their praise of technology, notably powerful mobile gaming apps which maximize screen real estate to allow players to gain the best possible vantage point of the action.

Examples of dramatic strides in gaming technology

  • Satellites to prestigious poker tournaments
  • iOS and Android SNGs, MTTs, and cash games anytime, anywhere.
  • PokerCam, Face2Face Poker, private poker rooms and much more.
  • Live poker games and live casino games with plenty of live dealer action.
  • Access to 7 Card Stud, Omaha Hi Lo Poker, Omaha Hi, Snap, Blast, and Texas Hold’em Poker.

What’s impressive about these developments is that legal-age players in all regulated jurisdictions can access mobile friendly casino games at the click of a button, anywhere, anytime. The dramatic technological trends taking place in the casino and gambling industry are drawing the attention of gaming fans all over the world.

Consider the recent advances in blockchain technology as a case in point. This fully transparent public ledger allows transfers of value to anyone on the blockchain. This means that online gaming safety and security is ironclad. Online gaming platforms have made it much more attractive for players to participate than many land-based establishments.

For starters, online casinos offer maximum comfort, convenience, and cost effectiveness to players. For a player to visit a land-based establishment, significant planning must be undertaken. With online gaming, players determine when they want to play, where they want to play, what they want to play, and how they want to play their favourite games. Bonuses and promotional offers, watertight security protocols, and uncluttered gaming environments are possible. Players don’t need to feel intimidated by other players at the blackjack table, poker table or baccarat table – you get a private seat and the best view of the action with your iOS or Android device.

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$130 Billion industry in 2019

Source: Statista Global Casino Market GGY 2001 – 2019 (@Statista 2019)

Beyond gaming, the gambling part is facilitated by a robust online payments network. Nowadays, it’s entirely possible to enjoy responsible gaming with a multitude of secure deposit and withdrawal options. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, bank wire, bank draft, PayPal, POLi, NETELLER, Sofort, iDebit and dozens of other world-class payment systems are available to players on the go. This means you can gamble for real money whenever the mood takes you.

Plus, if you opt for a digital currency online casino, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, or any of the accepted digital currency options in lieu of fiat currency. The technological advances that make all of this possible are expediting the adoption of mobile gaming technology among players. It helps that the latest smartphones are perfectly adapted to meet the exigencies of today’s gaming community. Sharp audio-visuals, uninterrupted gameplay, ad-free gaming, and real money winnings are a tap away.

The global gambling industry has recognized the importance of technological advancements to further its adoption among players. Online casinos and online poker rooms are hard at work creating secure payment networks, hassle-free registrations, and world-class games for players. What we are seeing are the makings of a juggernaut in the gaming industry and mobile is quickly overtaking PC and Mac as the preferred medium for casino enthusiasts. According to Statista, global casinos generated GGY (gross gaming yield) of $115 billion in 2016, and by the end of 2019, pundits estimate that that figure will swell towards $130 billion. The current market share of land-based casinos globally is around 94%, and all systems point to rapid growth in the mobile gaming arena.

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