For a start, video games are often present a challenge to players, with a focus on logic and strategy. This combined with the emphasis on improvement and beating your own score within video games, means that players are improving skills and talents which can also help them in the real world. Many studies have actually shown that video games can help with the development of spatial awareness, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, memory and even your reasoning skills. This is because the human brain is surprisingly malleable, and so even games which aren’t related to real life can help develop and strengthen synapses. Thanks to this, video games can actually be very helpful when it comes to dealing with various cognitive and developmental related disorders, including dyslexia in children and dementia in the elderly. It can even help recovering stroke victims.

controller-headIt is also thought that, rather than being anti-social, video games have the potential to help us to develop our pro-social skills. Pro-social skills area actions which mean that we are better able to help others – something which many people would agree is definitely a skill which we want to be able to develop. Studies have suggested that students who are encouraged to play a prosocial game were then later more likely to be kind to their fellow students, than those who played violent games. Of course, this does not dissuade worries about violent video games, but it does demonstrate how the brain can be changed and affected by outside forces.

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What’s more, video games can help with tackling mental health disorders, such as depression. For example, in studies done using interactive video games which aimed to help with counseling, as many as 44% of users have found using the video game useful, compared to 26% in control groups.

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Finally, there’s lots of evidence to suggest that you can improve your job performance, particularly if you are in a job which requires you to pay attention and make decisions on the spot. To give an example, according to McKinley et al. 2011, video gamers were more proficient than non-gamers when it came to flying and landing aerial drones. This is obviously a test which took place in a controlled environment, but it does show how we use the skills that we develop in video games in real life as well.

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As you can see, whilst admittedly there are still some problems associated with playing video games, both on and offline, there are still plenty of advantages. As with all forms of media, it seems as though the real issue is what kinds of games people are playing. So the next time you warn someone against playing video games, maybe consider some of the benefits which they may pick up from playing certain types of games as well – including educational benefits, social benefits and even help with brain development.

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