Recently, a UK based mobile strategy agency conducted a pole among male and female gamers. Around 42% chose mobiles as their preferred mode of gaming device, 32% of them chose consoles and 26% chose PCs. the co-founder of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley OBE said, “More and more people are realizing how fun computer games can be and mobile gaming brings an element of convenience that consoles don’t.”

Let’s look at some of the factors that have contributed to this situation.

Why mobile gaming has caught up with console gaming?


This is one of the main reasons why people choose mobiles over consoles for gaming. Every time you play console games, you are shackled to the TV and you are only able to access your favorite games when you are plugged in. Even if you buy wireless controllers, you are still shackled at one place. This is not a problem with mobile gaming, You can take your mobile games anywhere you want – be it at your home, in office, in trains or buses – mobiles stay with you most of the times. This is even evident in casino gaming and is one reason why mobile casino gaming has flourished in recent years as well. Due to the ease of usage of mobile phones, more and more people are preferring mobile phone casino over the regular casino.

Better selection of games

If you are a gamer, you must have probably heard about the mobile versions of PUBG and Fortnite. Right after, the launch of these games on mobile, they managed to attract over 400 million global customers in a matter of weeks. Even Diablo: Immortal (the next iteration of the Diablo franchise) will be mobile platform exclusive. Mobile gaming developers have realized the immense potential of mobile gaming and are migrating over from console gaming.

Developer support

Mobile gaming is predicted to amass over $100 billion by 2021 and will become the highest revenue earner in the entire gaming industry. In 2017, around 46% of the entire revenue collection from the gaming sector was generated by mobile gaming alone which speaks a lot about the viability of investing in this technology in the coming years. Gaming developers have taken a note on this and have jumped on the hype wagon to deliver players with console type gaming on mobile devices. The announcement of Diablo: Immortal by Blizzard is a smart indication that developers are trying their level best to offer full optimization for iOS and Android devices.

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More mobile users

It is very rare to find players who have switched completely from console gaming to mobile gaming. The real reason why mobile gaming has caught up with console gaming is not that people are buying fewer consoles. It is because more people are opting to play mobile games, besides console games (even players who play console games, spend time playing mobile games sometimes). Besides, the number of people owning mobile devices in South East Asia has significantly increased with China leading the largest mobile revenue generating population. More and more gaming developers are targeting the markets of China, India, and Indonesia specifically due to this reason.

Price factor

Want to own a PlayStation 4? You have to shell out  $400. Take into account another $50 for a PlayStation 4 game title. Now, if we consider that you play around 5 PlayStation game every year, that cost significantly adds up. Coming to mobile devices, the price factor for winning these devices are significantly lower if you consider some of the low to mid end budget Android phones. Additionally, there are plenty of Freemium and Free To Play games in the App store which you can play for absolutely no money. With console developers like Blizzard announcing the next iteration of Diablo Franchise in mobile format, it is pretty clear why people are opting to play more mobile games over console games.

Development in technology

The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot stated that mobile gaming will be able to replace console gaming in the future due to the development of cloud gaming services. If you follow current technological news, chances are you have already heard about the new cloud-based gaming platform of Google, Stadia. With location-based games and gyroscope aided games, the potential of mobile gaming is still unaccounted. As developers are working on better mobile gaming technologies such as Augmented reality, Virtual reality, online 3D worlds, and in-depth stories, it is safe to say that mobile gaming will eventually catch up with console gaming.

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Changing user demographics

Gaming was considered as a one or two person experience during the initial days. With multiplayer options and more interactivity, nowadays parents are allowing children below 11 years to spend their time playing video games. And the first devices that these children come in contact with is our mobile devices normally. With 33% of primary school children having mobile devices with them, it is hardly a coincidence why mobile gaming has managed to overcome the console gaming market.

What the future might hold for console gaming?

Although the future is uncertain, it is safe to conclude that console gaming is here to stay despite the rising affinity to mobile games by the consumers. Yes, the market share of mobile gaming has increased significantly over the years. The rising number of mobiles have contributed to these statistics. If you look at the console gaming market share, you will notice that it is growing steadily as well and by considering their growing revenue share, we can safely state that console gaming is here to stay.

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