Founders Series

Dear “Bad” Days, Fuck Off

Whether you are the founder of a tech startup or quite frankly, any kind of business you've likely experienced one of these "bad" days that I'm about to talk about. You know the kind where you wake up, feeling great, "today is going to be a good day," you tell yourself as you sit down at your desk, wake up your computer, … [Read more...]

10 Tips on How To Organize A Successful Hackathon

Editor's Note: This post was written by Tatjana Humphries, co-director at Bath:Hacked, which has just held its fifth hack event in conjunction with Bath Digital Festival 2016, celebrating the region’s thriving digital sectors. Here are her top tips for running a successful hackathon. 1. Why are you hacking? This may … [Read more...]

3 Social Media Marketing Musts for Introverts

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Founders Series where we get insights and analysis from founders of various different companies. Kim Staflund is the founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG) and author of the newly released Successful Selling Tips for Introverted Authors. She is also author of How … [Read more...]

5 Lessons to Minimize Frustration and Focus on Innovation

I have been doing the whole entrepreneur thing now for a while and as you likely know I love sharing tips and advice with people based on my experiences. I recently wrote an article that was selected to be published on WeWork's Creator Magazine. If you aren't familiar with WeWork, they run several co-working offices all … [Read more...]

Startup Founders: The Next Time You Run Into A Problem Remember This Post

Last night I was upset. I mean, it wasn't anything really serious (looking back in hindsight), I guess you could say it was typical startup founder worries, but still, as I'm sure everyone knows when you are upset about something it always feels like it's the biggest problem in the world and may even seem insurmountable at … [Read more...]

How I Got A 100% Sales Close Rate for My SaaS Startup

When we started reaching out to potential customers at KYA about 3 to 4 months ago it was a whole new experience for me, I had never actually been a "salesman" in the typical sense of the word and yet here I was lining up demos for my product with the ultimate goal of getting the publisher to sign up. It was scary to think … [Read more...]

True Life: I’m A Startup Founder and This is My Story So Far

Around a year ago I started actively pursuing the idea of making a better analytics product to help publishers track actual engagement, make smart content strategy decisions, build advertiser confidence, and improve the onsite experience for their audience. Today, KYA (pronounced Ky-ah) exists but I can honestly say the … [Read more...]

Success is Not a Straight Line, But The Lessons Can be Repeated

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Founders Series where we get insights and analysis from founders of various different companies in the tech industry. Jonah Goodhart is a serial entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and Co-Founder at Moat. Moat is a startup that focuses on assisting companies with their digital … [Read more...]

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