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Spam And Modding?

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I have read where the type of spam this board has been getting could have originated from a members of besttechie without them knowing. They could be part a bot network and when they login here the host will communicates back to the spammer, they automatically set up a account and the members zombie computers bot becomes inactive. If the spam account gets erased the next time that member logs in it runs again. This happens to every BBS they go to.

These bots are installed at Root level on peoples computers where they can be run for years undetected.

I don't know if this really works or if this could be happening here or even matters now that it started. But it is to bad this has to be a concern for such nice people at this forum.

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Ive said it before, can we kill them?

Surely if not under US Law there may be some international law we can track trace and exterminate? :blink:

You guys do the ground work, i'l do the deed :ph34r:

lolz :lol:

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