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Tranfering Files To A Motorola V3 Razr

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I just got a Razr from my manager. Of course Motorola dosn't sell the software with the phone. I had to find drivers on the internet to use and a program to transfer. I found the driver (which without any programs it's just seen as a modem by windows. I tried MOBILedit but it doesn't seem to work. Transfering an Mp3 shouldn't take 4 or 5 minutes so I gave up on it. Plus it couldn't read the phone book or anything it was supposed to. I'll give it one more try but I doubt it'll work. If anyone knows of a prgram that'll be great. I really want my MP3 tone. I hate midis. Thank you anyone.

* I was able to get it to read the phone book and the sim card and whatnot but the program still doesn't transfer files. Unless it takes friggin ages to transfer the file. That may actually be the case. The file might be too big.

**Nevermind got it working. It just takes forever. It took a few minutes to load a 880KB 22KHz 32Kbps MP3 of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon.

Thank you Creative for making your Creative Zen Nano cable compatible with the Razr.

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Phones are quite slow to load music on. Your best bet, if it's possible, is to use an SD or MS card if the phone supports it.

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