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What Are You Too Afraid To Do?

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"Page not Found" for your link Mac, too bad I was kinda interested in what it could be.

I've always been a type X personality (some call it type A too) where I find dangerous things are exciting....scary still, but exciting.

I don't do stupid stuff tho, I carefully calculate whether it's within my physical and mental limits before I go for it.

Even at work we don't take stupid risks unless we know there's a life to be saved for sure. Any doubt and we have to measure the risks involved of possibly trying to save a dead person. Sorry but I won't kill myself going after someone who has most likely expired already, and we know full well what people can survive and what they can't in a fire situation.

When I was a preteen and teen, I was very self concious except for talking in front of others. I think most teens are, but as I grew up I lost all that and have become very extroverted. My X-wife was always jealous at how easily I could make new friends and just chat with folks I never met before. It's something you actually have to conciously decide to do if you're a bit self concious still, but just say....Screw it! I'm gonna talk to these folks about....whatever, just talk and they'll talk back usually. What's it going to hurt? Nothing...unless you call the big guy an ape that is, or try to take his girlfriend into the next room alone...;)

Seriously tho, being uncomfortable in social settings is quite normal for most folks, but it only takes a little confidence to start turning that around and soon you'll be the life of the party I'll bet! Occasionally, when you do make a fool outta yourself, just'll probably never see them again anyway.

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Fears are there to give you a challenge to overcome them. Every time you fear something, you must charge and head butt it!

I guess if I had to pick something... I would be terrified of living in Texas...

Joking joking!


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try this 1

Dancing Rob

Rats. Requires the latest Quicktime, which only works with XP, which means I don't get to see it. :angry2:

here's a converted AVI 1 for you. not as nice auality cause photobucket sucks with video but at least you'll be able to see it.

about 1.4 mb


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It worked in quicktime on my win2k comp and I haven't updated qt for almost a year

btw good job mac

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done with my inerself screaming and running for the door to an even deeper inerself to hide. and with not only 2 people i know but several strangers watching.

*macmarauder cringes

that 1 has to be dedicated to thesidekickcat but the next 1 will be for you guys at besttechie.

Mac I am so proud of you for actually dancing in the street...daylight too!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yep I had to use your photobucket link with my Win2000. The others never loaded for me for whatever reason. Thanks so much for dedicating it to me!!! (Wow, I can't remember the last time someone dedicated something to me!) You are such a sweetie!!! Here's a hug for your going through with the dancing!!! :wub: You did it and I am proud of you my young friend!!! You set out to conguer a fear and did it up in style!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Someday I'll come back here and tell all my deep dark fears...yeah right!!!....don't anyone hold their breath for ALL of them! :rolleyes: But maybe one or two could be told...or not? :rolleyes:

Is she afraid to share her fears on a message board....yep could be one of her fears right there...or not??? :rolleyes: Stay tuned for the next installment of Pat's hidden, or not so hidden at times, fears!!!


God bless everyone

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Share on other sites're gonna dance nekkid in the streets tomorrow or the next couple days???

Is that how I'm reading that?

(video highlights will be available at ;)

Hitest - I'm also scared of hieghts, but I've made 1846 jumps from perfectly good aircraft.

There is a huge difference between standing on the edge on top of a 15 story building, and hanging from the side of an airplane at 14,000' ASL.

Your mind does not recognize the usual objects at that hieght and therefore doesn't really register altitude, but on top of the building you see cars, people, dogs, mailboxes...and your mind goes nuts!

Plus it helps to have a good parachute strapped to the back, but even that doesn't help much at low altitudes...

Chappy..that is some insight!! I am afraid of being on a ladder or on a roof that is 10 ft high, but am not the least big anxious about flying and parasailed on Lake George...200 ft in the air, only a rope pulling me from a boat that I could barely see...I always wondered why with this fear, the higher I am, the less it bothers me...Thanks!!

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