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About Cleaning The Registery

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About cleaning the registry

I like to keep my registry clean and bought two programs to look after it. One is “Registry Clean Pro”, the other “PC Rescue”.

Both programs seem to work equally well, and I have no problems.

I have the latest version of both programs.

Not long ago I downloaded an unregistered version of PConPoint. When I ran that program it found no less than 193 errors!

Any ideas what’s going on here?

O yes, needless to say PConPoint wants me to register (and pay) before it will get rid of the afore mentioned “problems”.

I work with Windows XP.

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Don't waste your money on those scams. There are millions of them on the web trying to catch people who don't know much about their PCs.

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What may be going on is the one that found hundreds more errors is either being far more particular (finding errors so minor the others don't bother with them, or they don't even define them as errors) or it's crying wolf (claiming it's finding hundreds of errors; Hurry! You better buy me now! Arrgghhh!). If it's the former, it might be more throrough than the others. If the latter, it's being deceptive and deserves to die ... err ... don't buy it.


Oh yeah, there are some who think it's all a waste of time (and/or money). Cleaning the registry is one of the latest "tweaks." Throughout the history of PCs there have been dozens of tweaks that at one time may have been useful, but due to better hardware and software are no longer worth the time (and/or money). Some believe the time and effort (and/or money) spent tweaking the registry can never be recovered by any time or problems that may be saved. Windows may save a few milleseconds here and there by not having to read obsolete entries, but it takes FAR more than a few milleseconds to obtain, run, re-run, update and maintain those programs.

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is a good cleaner. it is pretty ruthless

and there is a free version

i use regcleaner

it is safer

and not so ruthless

as another poster stated

reg cleaners are dangerous

and if used need to be studied first

personally my advice is leave well alone

or if you are going to use one

studie it first


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