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Optimized Firefox Builds

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I don't know if anyone else has tried these specialized FireFox builds but they sure seem to work for me. They are compilations of FireFox that are CPU specific. There are version for AMD XP, PIII, AMD64, P4 and etc. I have found them to work very well on my AMD machines and appear to be very fast although I have no figure to indicate whether they actually are but they sure seem to be. Anyway for those of you who like playing around you might take a look at this site MOOX Forgot to mention they also have special builds of Thuinderbird.......

From the site:

The builds of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird that are hosted on this site ARE NOT OFFICIAL builds endorsed by the Mozilla group. Rather, they are builds that have had modifications made to the source code to optimize the executables for speed, increase stability, and add in extra features. If you are looking for official builds of the Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox, or Mozilla Thunderbird, please visit the official Mozilla website at

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