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Missing Images

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I have xp , and when I go to some websites, I have some of the images missing. I have enabled active scripting but nothing seems to work. there will be a blank space on both sides of the page. will be grateful for any help in advance.

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Or use PrintScreen to save a bitmap of what you're seeing, save it, host it on a free hosting site and post it.

The phrase "blank space on both sides of the page" sounds more like an issue with your screen resolution vs. the design of the site. If a site designs their page to fit on a screen with a lower resolution than you're using it may simply display empty bars on one or both sides of the page (sort of like the black bars some movies display on TV sets, the width/height of the movie doesn't match that of the TV and the remaining space just gets filled with blank space).

There are some tricks page designers can use to expand the page to fit any resolution but they lose a little control over how the page will eventually look (since they can't know how MUCH the site will expand). An extreme example would be if you had an enormously large resolution a site might expand across the width and become just a single line. They wind up designing the page with the average resolution in mind (mostly 800x600) so they can control where everything fits.

Of course it could be an entirely different issue but that phrase leads me to believe it's a resolution/page design issue.

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