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hi all some thing has me worried

i recieved an email through thunderbird

from a good source, from an address i normally trust.

and when i scanned with adaware

it picked up a win32 trojon

now in outlook express i have my sys to isolate these sorts of


is there an option in thunderbird to spot these sorts

of malware

or is it hit or miss

i installed thunderbird to get rid of the spam

but i dont seem to be winning

which is best spam or trojon

by the way how long has adaware had this trojon scanner

thank god for it


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I don't know anything about Thunderbird, Marty, but yes, Adaware does pick up some Trojans!! When I upgraded to SP2 and ran Adaware and Spybot beforehand, Adaware picked up....something....don't quite remember what (long time ago and I'm old :D ), there was a CoolWebSearch thing and a Dialer, enough to scare me and enough to say "thank God for these Antispyware Gadgets"! These freebies certainly go above and beyond the call of duty!

I'm sure you already have, but you should let the emailer know what he or she is sending, he or she might have no idea!


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Hey marty. Does your AV program have an email scanning feature? Most do. If it does, make sure it is enabled. Here is an article from Mozilla about malware and Thunderbird.


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hi matt

in outlook express i have it to warn me of an incomming threat

but im not sure how to do that in TB

in OE,i have my security tight

for attache

and i get a warning

heading on the tool bar if OE suspects a threat

from there it is up to me

im new with TB

so im learning all the time.

thanks for that interesting article

yes i do have an email scanner

and it is normally good

this came as a zip file

and i right clicked and to open

and nothing happened

so i became suspiscious

and deleted it and scanned with all the scanners

and adaware picked it up


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Welcome marty; AV is only as good as it's current detections;

A good AntiTrojan is a necessity these days.


thanks for the heads up

ive got TB running like a charm now

so far no spam for a coupla days

and i set the security as you directed

apart from the spam ime a fan of OE

but i couldnt get on top of

the spammers

but with TB

it has taken me some time to train it

but im getting there slowly.

thanks again


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