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How To Get Rid Of Indents

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hi all i copied and pasted a joke on the comedy section

and it was full or indents >

billmallenson showed me how to get rid of them

so i hope this helps some one

open OE


go to tools/options/send/mail sending format/

check html or plain text which ever you use

the press the html tab and uncheck indent message in reply box- ok

the press the plain text tab

uncheck the original text with >when replying

or forwarding-ok


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Most of the jokes that I pass on, I get via Email.

I use Eudora Pro (ver 5.2) and two of the most useful plug-ins

that I have are "remove quote" and "remove unwrap"

Before I forward or post a joke, I just hit the remove quote button

and ALL the > signs go away...

This is one of the main reasons that I have always stuck with Eudora.


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ime not able to do that on OE

i happened to mention it at worldstart message board

and bill mallenson emailed that fix i posted

i intend to send it on to the person who

emailed those jokes to me

does eudora have the internet news section

OE has and that is were i get a lot of jokes from

i just type

jokes or humor in the the box

and many catergorys come up

in humor

there 30.000.

so youve got plenty of choices

the problem is i cant copy and paste straight to the board

i copy and paste to note pad or wordpad

and copy and paste from there to the board.

i need some one to show me how to send images to the board


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Hi Marty

No, sorry, Eudora does not have a Newsgroups function like OE does,

but there are other programs (free ones) that work OK to read newsgroups.

A couple are Xnews or Agent (free version)

I don't hang on the news groups very often so I don't miss that feature


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You can use Notepad.

Copy and paste it into Notepad, click on Edit | Replace,

then type in > and hit "replace all".

Then copy and paste back into a new mail.


Stripmail Home Page - ECleaner v2.02,6492,00.asp


The Cleaner - From WorldStart

On-Line Email >>> Stripper

Mr. Ed's E-Mail Bracket Stripper

Draac.Com's The Stripper

Strip Away Those Unwanted Characters In Emails And Codes.

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