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Selecting External Enclosure. What Should I Get?

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Well i'm searching for an external enclosure for doing repairs, virus scanning HDD's form systems to be repaired, and for having extra storage. Well I can't decide which to get, and I'd like to kow what hot swapping means exactly. I have an idea but I want to confirm it. Basically I want to be able to do this. The guy at the local repair shop has one ( he sells them but I ain't spendin 70 bucks on one) that he keeps hooked to this one computer but always has it open. Whenever he gets a system to virus scan he pulls its drive out and hooks it up this enclosure and flips the power switch on it and the system just starts readin it with out restarts and what not (WinXP). I want one that does that too but can any of these I'm gonna link do this and which would ya'll find the most convient for quick hard drive changes whether I always keep the case open or not. He does.

Azio #1 (Free Shipping thus making cheapest)

Penguin Gear

Azio #2

Azio #3

Mapower (I really like the looks of this one cause it looks cool plus it's highly rated and a slide out tray, down side is price)

AMS Venus ( Ireally like this one too cause of proven track record and entire brand seems to be highly rated on other products, downside also price on this one)

Thanks for any input.

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Come on now. There's only $8 or $10 difference between them. Why wouldn't you get the best unit? Can't be that important or needed if you're worried about so little money. Just my opinion.

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A. I'm not rich

B. My parents get pissed when I spend money ( It's my money but I guess I should save some)

I'd be perfectly willing to buy any of these. I'm really looking for the most convient one for switchin hard drives on the fly whether the enclosure is always kept open by me or has a slide out tray or whatever and which one is of best quality.

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