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Last month we had wireless internet installed. Now like a week ago I reinstalled Windows XP PRO. And now the WLAN light on the 3Com 3CRWE51196 is always Yellow. Is it supposed to be green? Also I live in a motel my dad manages so the owner also had access points installed as well in rooms. On the access points there is a Yellow light as well for the Wireless LED. Is that supposed to be green as well? I need to know if the wireless internet is working or not, and since I don't have a laptop or some other device to check if it works I can't tell. Before the router didn't forward ports for bittorrent and I always had a NAT Error now it seems to work fine even though I have a connection from the router. Another bad thing is that the guy who set up the Wirless network reset the password for the router so I can't access that either.

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Guest Tony

Hi jdpatel,

Just wondering was the guy that reinstalled your wireless internet sent0 from your Internet Service Provider???

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