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Fixing Windows 2k

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Well I'm fixing a friend's computer with 2K on it. It says this file is missing or corrupt \WINNT\system32\config\SYSTEMced

I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me this file. I can't seem to find it in XP.


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Okay well,

First off is this the error you get?

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEMced

If so, The letters "ced" at the end of the error message are not really part of the error message. The previous screen included these letters and was not completely erased when the error message appeared, which might explain why you couldn't find it. Anyway...

Normally that error happens because you have an ATA66 PCI controller card installed or your system registry is too large and unable to load.

I'd check out this link:


Good luck! B)


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well thank you BT but according to MS's fixes (there is no ATA controller like it says) I can't do it. He has absolutely no clue where any of the disks are. Most of the repairs I do the people have no idea where the disks are. I'll just put 98se on it. It's just an old Athlon 800MHz with 128MB of PC100. It's obviously a different board and CPU than orignal. It syas on the outside of the case Geared by MSI and has a Celeron Badge. I looked up the model number on the mobo on google. It's an Epox. i found this ammusing. It was a 1.1Ghz Celeron with a 100MHZ FSB according to a sticker inside the case. I think it's an upgrade going to AMD even taking a frequency cut.

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