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~ I've always used Expedia and occasionally Travelocity and Orbitz

If you're going to use an online booking service rather than a travel agent then using a well known one affords you a measure of security when dealing with any potential problems that may arise, because it helps stack the odds in your favor that should something go wrong it will get favorably resolved.

(So far I've never had a problem, but last summer my son and his family arrived at their vacation destination tired from their trip, only to discover a problem with the accommodations, (hotels mistake). He called the Expedia #800 and the problem was resolved with a free accommodation upgrade.)

Here's where you also need to do your homework. They're all offering to book you at the same hotels (or on the same airlines), but at differing rates, (often the differences are insignificant) depending on the deals they happen to have with them.

So you need to do some comparison shopping. Notice too, that the rates offered to you can change from day to day or if you're flying, differing rates for different days of the week.

I know it sounds annoying, but I also know that I sure have a better time knowing that I got the best possible deal!

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If you have a pet and want to take it with you, is a great resource.

La Quinta Inns take pets as a matter of policy.

Just thought I'd throw that in for you pet lovers.

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I'm with Suzanne about checking several companies. Daughter went to England (stayed with friends, only checked air fares) and Orbitz had the best deal, but we checked Travelocity, and Priceline, too. AND don't forget to check with your "good old fashioned local travel agent", sometimes they DO have the best deals!

And HPoirot, thank you for the pet site and the info about La Quinta! We have a spoiled dog that has never been kenneled, I'm remembering that advice :thumbsup: AND I don't know if it's nationwide, but our local Super8 takes Sled dog teams and their pet humans...Northern Michigan, sled dog country here...


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