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Speaker Issues

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Ok, heres the thing.

I bought some new speaker set (Logitech X-530) and a new sound card (Creative PCI 24 bit)

The speaker set came with 1 Subwoofer and 5 speakers.

Now, my sound is amazing, but one thing that worries me.

Now my subwoofer plays, the main speaker(the one with the volume and on/off), and one other speakers play.

The others dont.

Is it speakers fault?

Btw, the sound card support 5.1/6.1/and 7.1

my Speakers are 5.1 (Surround Sound)

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your speakers are configured to 5.1 correct. well usually all 5 don't play until you are using a program like say Call of Duty that supports it. You'd have to go into the game's sound setting and set it for one of the EAX 3d drivers rather than miles fast 2d. Mine i have the same speakers on an Audigy 2 ZS. In my EAX control panel I use the Stereo surround up mix effect or some of the othes to play my music or other things in full 5.1.

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