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Avast Keeps Finding.....

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Hey folks. I've googled this and all I get is a page trying to sell the crapware security apps.. like NOADWARE and Stop Sign.. And a few discussions on forums...

Win32:Mytop-J [Wrm] Attached:\PartNo_1#20049113\readme.bat#790464575 Virus: Win32:Mytob-J [Wrm] Deleted

The last two had attachements named "server report.eml and "status.eml

This is one mail address I have never gotten spam on... It's coming from many different addy's. Avast deletes it fine but what can I do? Send a warning to everyone in my address book about one of them being infected?

EDIT: Well I composed a nice letter, added some info I did find on the dang thing and asked everyone in my address book to scan with housecall. Also asked them to pass it along to everyone in their books...

Dang I can't believe people STILL don't have proper security....

Thanx Jeff...

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