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Linux Email Server

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I know this is a bit late, but a mention on spam... most filters will kill email sent from home, or non business servers, simply because they are the largest senders of spam. (Thats not to say that there arnt a few servers on 100mbit connections pumping it too).

It is a good strategy to have it provided by somebody professionaly, great *cough*kind of*cough* panels exist for making it easier to setup servers, like cpanel, but cost a fortune but can lend to bad administrating habbits.

A hardware firewall, well its just a box than runs a program and is dedicated to firewall-ing like iccaros said, okay some filter better than others but if your being hit with a 1gbit ddos on a 10 mbit home connection you just wasted your money.

Honkey, id assume iccaros is just a customer, and wants his hand back, go to and talk to them.


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