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Mount St. Helens

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And California hit by earth quakes. Who all is going to get rich with their beach front property in Arizona?

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well people told me I was crazy when i bought beachfront property 40 years ago. I'm gonna be rich. hahahahaha now if that swampland in florida would go up in price....I think all of florida now is swampland.

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From the Volcano News Letter. I'm an amateur geologist/volcanologist.

Mount St. Helens erupted at 12:03pm PDT. The activity continued for about

24 minutes, creating a steam and dust plume that reached about 10,000 feet

elevation and drifted SSW toward Portland, OR and the Pacific coast.

Steam vented from a location at the southern edge of the dome where the

dome edge is covered by glacial ice and debris from the southern crater

wall. On Thursday afternoon N-S linear cracks were observed in the glacier

ice there, implying a slight uplift beneath the ice. Video images of the

eruption showed steam, some possibly superheated, venting from a limited

area and carrying blocks and fines upward into a mostly-white steam plume.

A USGS helicopter flight at the time of the eruption detected no thermal

anomaly with a thermal IR device, implying that this was a steam explosion

only, without magma being directly involved. Live video images taken by

helicopter at roughly 2:00pm PDT show a large hole in the glacial ice at

the edge of the dome, with a layer of gray ash and ejected blocks extending

from it over the ice only toward the SW.

The ongoing seismic activity decreased substantially during the eruption,

but then has rebounded at least slightly since the eruption ceased.

There have been no reported mudflows, but a possibility of slightly

increased flow of water out of the crater.

A USGS team was installing a seismometer on the NW flank of the volcano at

the time, but they were not affected by the event and were not in the path

of the plume.

Presumably an update will soon be posted at:


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Who else?? :rolleyes:

So when is he coming over here


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