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Lcd Monitors

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Yes, they use roughly 1/3 as much energy (and thus, produce roughly 1/3 as much heat).

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just be sure to buy the "extra warranty" a replacement type if available, not "repair type". i have an AGneovo 19" LCD i bought about 2 years ago, and i wouldn't trade it for anything. cost more than a typical "pretty penny too". i also just updated the "extra warranty" for another 2 years, full replacement type, not repair type. check carefully as to the amout of "dead pixel" warranty your LCD has before you buy it.

for instance, some warranties specify that 10 pixels (or more) must be dead, before warranty work (or replacement) will take place. lcd monitors have come a long way, i like the less electricity they use, the cooler running they do, and the light weight, although, my monitor is "real glass" not plastic glass (screen), so this adds to the weight, but still weighs less than my 19"crt i still have. i nearly need a "fork lift truck" to lift that one.

also check on the warranty for the "back light" as the back light sometimes will cost more than the lcd monitor does.........!!!

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Is this a good monitor its has real good reviews plus 3 year manufacturer warranty.


yeah Acer makes a good monitor, did you notice the "dead pixel" warranty.....??

also, if anything goes wrong with this monitor, you have to ship it to the maker, not where you're buying it from online.............

i bought my monitor at Comp-usa, this is part of the reason for its higher price, but then, i simply go back to comp-usa, and let them DEAL WITH shipping it out.

your choice, your money.

by the way, a 17" monitor may be the perfect size, as i find that sometimes my 19" seems a bit too much (for viewing).

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