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Old Compaq Video Driver

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I'm workin on a friend's Compaq Presario 5304 and it uses the SiS 530 Integrated Video Chip. Well I installed the drivers from HP/Compaq's website. I can get up to 32 bit color but it won't let me get out of 640x480. I have a an even older Compaq that is much weaker that can even run in 1024x768.

Specs on this thing:

Cyrix MII (don't know the speed at least 233Mhz The far more stable K6-2 in the older system is 233MHz)

64MB of RAM

4GB Hard Drive

SiS 530 Video chip using 4 MB of system memory.

My Compaq

AMD K6-2 233MHz


3GB Hard Drive

Integraed Video (Intel or something)

Please Help me with this. Am I gonna have to put in a seperate video card to get around this. I Already planned to give him a 64 mb ram upgrade and a 500MHz K6-2 Upgrade for about 20 bucks. Cyrix's suck i had one once.


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yeah i meant to put that they are both 98se and so is every computer i have other than my sidewinder

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You should follow Pete's link and redownload then reinstall the driver (as he stated; in the Step 1 box select IGP Graphics Drivers, then in Step 2 select SiS 530, in Step 3 select Windows 98se, then click the Download button in the resulting page). Some error may have occurred during your original install, or the file may be corrupted or otherwise inappropriate (though there's the possiblity that the driver from the Compaq site IS the correct driver, I'd still try the video card manufacturer's drivers just to be sure).

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