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The Hidden Options In "disk Cleanup"

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To activate the hidden powers of DiskCleanup you need to use the sageset and sagerun parameters.

1.) First click on Start, Run then type "cleanmgr /sageset:99"(without the quotes (it doesn't have to be 99, but it's a nice number so why not!))

2.) And hit Enter or OK

3.) The Disk Cleanup Tool will run in an expanded mode that offers you a greater selection of cleanup choices

4.) Step through all the choices that the Disk Cleanup Tool offeres you, and make whatever choices you wish. (But, unless you're really hurtin' for disk space don't select the option to Compress Old Files. This takes forever and doesn't save much space.)

5.) Now press, Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools. Then Right-Click on Disk Cleanup, press Properties and add a space and /Sagerun:99 to the end of the Shortcut in the Target box. The shortcut should now look like this - C:\WINDOWS\system32\cleanmgr.exe /Sagerun:99

Now, whenever you Run DiskCleanup with this shortcut it will run with the options you set for Sageset: 99

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