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Spyware Weekly Newsletter

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Spyware Weekly Newsletter :· September 10, 2005

Table of Contents

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Mailwasher Pro

Dialer Catches Microsoft Security Advisor Off Guard

Doctors Required To Inform On Patients

The Cost Of Doing Business

Google vs The Media

Dell Update


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Re: Don't shoot the messenger. Didn't someone recently post asking or warning about the additional software 'supposedly' installed by YM without your permission? That article clearly debunks that and this quote explaining it:

"... The installer discloses very clearly what is going to be installed. Right at the top and written in great big letters, it says "Choose the Products to Install". If you click the link for a custom installation, it lets you deselect all of the extra stuff ..." [emphasis added]

Sounds familiar ... Oh, like nearly every piece of software I've installed in the last five years? So it appears the originator of the idea that extra software is being installed, a columnist for CNET I believe, apparently doesn't know how to operate a modern software installation program? And they write a technology column? What am I overlooking?!?

<edit> BTW, thanks, I subscribed.

Edited by JDoors

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Thank you Flatiron! I was going to subscribe last time you posted this and I got distracted (me? :blink: ) and forgot. This time I subscribed. Please keep posting these so others can learn.

Thanks again,


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