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Why Some Games Lockup When Playing

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In some cases,programs that are running on your system can monopolize resorces that the game needs to install,load and run properly.Not all of these programs are visable

there are a lot of these programs, called "background tasks"

that are always running on your system.if your system is running anti virus or crash guard programs you will need to close or disable them

to view and close background tasks (windows XP)

hold down the CTrl and Alt and tap the delete key.

the windows task maniger appears

click the applications tab.

this tab displays a list of all background tasks running on your system.

also if you have a wallpaper or screensaver these must be disabled

Rermember to enable all programs after you close the game.

I hope this helps those who have problems with games.


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I have mine set up where I log in under a different name to play games. This way I have the comp set up like Earl says but don't miss restarting stuff when I'm finished.


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Great idea. Shows that we think along the same lines for themost part. Then someone will step aside and show us a different way.


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Hi folks

Yes it"s common for hard core gamers to have a few different profiles to login under, 1 for regular computing with normal service and background app's running, and 1 for gaming with minimal services and all background app's stopped for optimum performance with games.

It makes it easier to just be able to login under either profile depending on what you're going to be doing, remember tho that the Gaming profile has many things shut down so it's not safe to just be surfing around under that profile and many programs will not function properly either

Windows Service Configuration by Black Viper


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