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Weird Dvd-rom Prob

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Well the other day my brother wanted me to copy a cd for him and so i said alright. when i tried Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 while trying to check the media i stopped on track 9. well i thought it was the CD so i ripped the music then burned it. WELLLLLLL a friend of mine wanted me to copy a CD for his girlfriend and guess what? same thing track 9. so i ripped then burned. well i noticed that these were the 1st 2 copies i've tried to do since i put in the DVD-ROM. (used to have an old 40x CD-ROM). This ain't the first prob i've had with this DVD-ROM. It tends to not want to autoplay. (Finally got BF2 to autoplay but i just leave it in there cause it is my only DVD game).

OK my DVD-ROM is a Lite-On SOHD-19SP or something like that (got it from Wally world) and my CD-RW is also a Lite-On but i have never had probs outta it.(and it also 2 years old)

this ain't a serious prob but it is extremely annoying. could it be cause the drive is too new for the software. When i forst got the CD-RW for my last comp the Adaptec Easy CD creator 4 wouldn't work but did with roxio 5 it did. thanks for any help ya'll.

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