Naming is hard

My First Gimp Work

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Hi Naming is hard...

I just got Gimp a few months ago and with the Gimp Tutorial link isteve gave you and just playing with Gimp I'm sure it will help you out, plus theres a lot of Expert people here to answer questions you may have.

Experiment with things and let your imagination go.... :lol:

I myself am trying to learn what a lot of the functions do so I just try them and find out.... :lol:

I've had to "undo" a lot of times or just delete and start over to. :rolleyes:

Oh and as TommyBaseball noted....I can see where Practise, Practise and more Practise comes in... ;) cause I sure need it.... :lol: but it sure is fun and a blast.

Enjoy.... :thumbsup:

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