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Happy Birthday Rhema7!

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Thanks to all of you my wife had to leave town on business and my brothers an sister did not call (they never do but I know they love me ) so I have been alone mostly with the exception of my 5yr old (he has been great company he's a daddy's boy). Sorry I did not see this earlier. None the less it has made my day to see your posts and wishes. You are all wonderful. I will not fail to make mention of you all in my prayers.

Special Thanks to Chappy (Big Love to you Brother) for informing me of this I keep expecting to hear...SURPRISE!!. I also want to thank those who PM'd me b-day wishes

pro1driver gave me a great laugh.

Much Love to you all

God Bless


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You're VERY WELCOME my brother!!

We have developed a great friendship over these years, and I have a very deep love and appreciation for you and Sherri, and all your prayers for me.

For those that may not know Preston as I and some others here do, he is one of the most Caring, thoughtful, and trustworthy folk I have ever known, and I love him as a brother!!

It is we who are blessed to have this man with us here at Besttechie!

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