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Is This Bugfix Safe?

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I have some output when running . It is ugly and I would like to remove it. I am currently running python 2.3, it is my understaning this output does not apear with python-2.4.

I get these two warnings

/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/ FutureWarning: x<<y losing bits or changing sign will return a long in Python 2.4 and up
 discid = ((checksum % 0xff) << 24 | total_time << 8 | last)

and this

/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/ FutureWarning: %u/%o/%x/%X of negative int will return a signed string in Python 2.4 and up
 query_str = (('%08lx %d ') % (disc_id, num_tracks))

if there was simple output redirection like bash uses, that would be great.

But I found these fixes, but am not sure if they will cause problems(I do not understand what is going on). Maybe you guys could help me sort them out

here is a link to the two bug fixes

any suggestions or insight would be appreciated

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does this show up during run or its it after the run is done?

if after then I would ignore it.. Python is just changing types on the fly (not a big deal in a small program)

if it happen while running you may what to start your progrmaing making std::err go to /dev/null to keep users from seeing it.


Name_Of_Script 2> /dev/null

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