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Looking Free Video Hosting

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my new music video came out nice and all but the only place a have to host it is on my earthlink site. but i have a limit of 10mb per a file so i have compress 1gig video files down really small. i would like to offer people a larger downloadable version. anyone know where i could host my music videos for free? i only know of one place but they will only host anime videos.

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I found this one macmarauder.


Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but something to check out.

What’s the maximum file size I can upload?

You could, in theory, upload a 5-gigabyte video file. (If you’ve got a dial-up connection, good luck with that!) Limitations on file size are mostly practical ones: the larger the file, the smaller the number of people who will download it.

However, be aware than large files — anything above 10 or 20MB — must be uploaded with the Ourmedia Publisher tool (click on Tools in the main nav), not through the Web site's publish my media pages.

What kinds of formats do you support?

In general, we prefer that you publish files encoded with open standards. For example, H.264 MPEG4 is an amazing new compression technology that can be sliced and diced by our automatic derivation engine into any number of formats. This is not the case with closed, proprietary formats like Windows Media Video, which can’t be converted into any other format.

As a general rule, we like WAV files for sound and MPEG for video. The higher the quality of the source material, the more options we can provide to our users. But we will accept all formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Real, Windows Media, DivX and open-source video standards.

Technical FAQ

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That's what I did, Googled.

Saw a write up on the MSNBC site, and checked it out.

Looked like the most promising, of the bunch.

Good luck.

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i had made several fan made music videos and wanted to share them with people were they could just click a link and watch one. so far i have been using Ourmedia.org and i am impressed. free with unlimited bandwidth and good upload speeds and pretty stable. thanks guys for the suggestions.

just in case you want to see exactly what types of vide i needed to host here is a link to the thread where i shared the videos.


it's the 7th post in the first page. feel free to comment on any of the videos i can always use some opinions.

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