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WordFence two factor authentication

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If you are running a website then protecting your visitors’ data is one of your most important responsibility. Although WordPress provides security features that are good enough to provide protection against any security threat but it is always better if you go for some additional security solution as well. WordFence Security is one such plugin. It provides an endpoint firewall and malware scanner. These features makes the WordFence Plugin better than other cloud security alternatives.

Main features of this security plugin are:

·         WordFence two factor authentication

·         Live Traffic View

·         Email Alerts

·         Real-time Firewall

·         Malware Scanner

·         File Repairing

·         Provide Content Safety

·         Visit monitoring

·         Country Blocking

And the list does not ends here. This plugin will surely help you to get complete protection against any kind of security threat for your website and its visitors. WordFence Central is an efficient way to manage the security for multiple sites.

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