Vape pen cartridge packaging

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Companies try to serve customers with different variants of vape cartridges as customers have different purposes. Some of vape cartridges require e-liquids to operate whereas some are electrical devices and vape pen cartridge is example of electrical vape. These vape cartridges are similar to that of pen due to which they are sensitive and can easily be damaged if not protected. For this instance, companies are in search to find special packaging boxes but best solution is custom vape pen cartridge packaging.

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For better protection it is required to design boxes in tube shaped to cover pen vape. Moreover, vape pen boxes must be of perfect size to fulfill the desire of proper protection which can’t be done by imperfect sized. If smaller boxes will be used then vape pen will be exposed to outer forces whereas in case of bigger boxes pen is free to move because of which it can be broken. Furthermore, it is essential to use secure style of boxes which will be easy to use as well. For tube shaped boxes reverse tuck end style will be perfect because of which boxes can be opened from both sides and pen will be safe in such boxes. Two piece boxes can also be used comprise of base and cover whereas that base has special foam insert in which pen will completely fit.


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