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What circuit board is used to charge the pile?

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Since the advent of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging piles has increased day by day. Many manufacturers or merchants are preparing to install or produce charging piles themselves to obtain a new wave of business opportunities. Many merchants have begun to pay attention to charging piles, and the circuit boards used for charging piles are also Become the first to bear their brunt.

Charging pile circuit board

The charging pile circuit board is generally thick copper plate above the four-layer board, and the copper thickness is usually 1.6 or more. The main reason is that the current of the charging pile circuit board is large, the voltage is high, and the thin board can not bear, because the charging pile board is a high-voltage power board, Although the material is made of copper, there are certain differences in the grade. The ordinary board material is below the ordinary TG140, and the material of the charging pile circuit board is generally above TG150 and the high TG is 170. The data is a grade parameter. The higher the grade, the better the temperature resistance effect and the higher the quality of the sheet.

The future market of charging piles is relatively large. If you want to engage in the commercial production of charging piles, try to find a professional R&D team. Just send us the circuit board design and engineering BOM, and the later circuit board production, assembly, component purchasing, functional testing. We are one stop solution.

Although the charging pile is a hot industry, the competition is fierce, and the review of the charging pile is also extremely strict. Therefore, in the production process of the core parts of the charging pile, it is necessary to find a large manufacturer with strength, such as a circuit board, and the circuit board is loaded. The core components of the entire system operation, so the importance of it can be imagined, the quality of the charging pile circuit board must be strictly controlled.

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