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WyzeCam is an inexpensive HD wireless camera for your home

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Today is a big day for Wyze Labs, a company bunch of ex-Amazon employees with the mission to create an inexpensive, yet quality smart home products. The company’s first go of it is the WyzeCam, a $20 home WiFi camera with some impressive features: full HD 1080p video, 14 days of rolling cloud storage for motion/sound alerts (plus unlimited playback with up to 32GB in MicroSD storage), 2-way audio, night vision, and the ability to create custom time lapse footage. Oh and It rotates 180 degrees and pivots too.

I was lucky enough to have one sent my way to test out before I left on my vacation to Hawaii. I set it up and got it up and running in about 10 minutes tops–it was super easy to do. Once you plug in the camera either via USB or directly into a wall outlet, you launch the WyzeCam app (iOS and Android) and follow the onscreen instructions. After you have your camera online, place it where you want it in your home and just launch the app whenever you want to check in.


I strategically placed mine under my desk, propped it up on my UPS so I could get a good view of the floor and watch for kitties while I was away. It was really cool, I loved that I could see and talk to my cats while thousands of miles away. The video quality is good–definitely good enough for the purpose of what this device is supposed to do. I also really like the custom app they built for the camera, lots of these home WiFi cams use third-party apps–that isn’t the case with the WyzeCam. The company spent a great deal of time developing an app specifically for their product and it shows.

My only real complaint about the WyzeCam is that it feels kind of cheap. In the pictures it looks like a solidly built device–it isn’t, it’s all plastic. Then again, for $20 and what you’re getting I guess you can’t really complain.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can pick one up here.

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