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XBox One: T-Minus 2

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Good Evening All:


Decided this month to finally bite the bullet and upgrade to the Xbox One:  Got the 500 GB System Bundle (Halo Master Chief Collection).  I Bought the Following Games and Accessories:


Games:  Halo, Master Chief Collection (Bundled with System)

               NHL 15 (EA Sports)

               NBA Live 14

               Forsa Motorsport 5: (Game of The Year Edition)

               Ryse: Son of Rome

               Call of Duty: Ghosts


Accessories: Xbox One Kinect Sensor

                        Xbox One Charge Cable and Battery


Now, I have to figure out if I am going to have problems on my network with this new machine.  I am upgrading to save me the agony of not being able to play a lot of the newer titles on the machine.  Forsa Motorsport 5 is one of my favorites, and I have Forsa 4 for the 360, so I probably will get Forsa 6  - NHL 15 is for my Hockey Fix, and NBA 14 for the basketball nut in me.  I have Call of Duty Games, so Ghosts was a no-brainer, and Ryse: Son of Rome was recommended by a friend, so I should have a lot of fun with this!


I get the system on Friday, so I am READY:  If there are any of you that may play on xbox live, let me know ;)



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