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Put Safemode back in Windows 8 and 8.1

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Good Morning Everyone:


I have been a Windows user for a long time, Prior to that, I had Dos, and Apple II Computers.  I recently updated my laptop to a Windows 8.1 machine. 


We all know that there is a way to access safemode from Windows 7 machines.  However, Windows 8 machines have a crazy way to access safe mode - you can't just tap 'f8' anymore - there is a much harder way to get to the boot menu and safemode with Windows 8/8.1.


I am going to show you how to put the 'f8' key function back for Windows 8/8.1 machines.



1.  Press Windows Key +S - This opens the search box on the right side of the Start Screen.


2.  Type 'cmd' (w/o the quotes) and it will come up.


3.  RIGHT CLICK the command prompt option, and select 'Run as Administrator'


4.  The command prompt window will open and it will say "Administrator: Command Prompt" in the Title Bar.



bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy


5.  Press Enter


6.  The computer will say "Operation Completed Successfully


7.  REBOOT TO TEST:  Press Windows Key +C to Bring up Charms Bar.  Click Power - Select "Shutdown and Restart"  Allow the computer to Restart.  When the computer restarts, tap 'f8' and keep tapping as you would for a Windows 7 entry into Safe Mode.  If done right, you should see a Windows 8.1 Advanced Options Menu, and you should now be able to select the Safe Mode Options you want.


8.  Until Changed, you will now be able to access the Advanced Options Menu with Windows 8/8.1 by tapping 'f8' repeatedly.


9.  To return to the Standard (Windows 8/8.1) way of accessing Safe Mode w/o f8:  Repeat steps 1-3, and when the 'Administrator: Command Prompt" window opens again, type the following line

bcdedit /set bootmenupolicy standard  <Press Enter> The computer will say "Operation Completed Successfully"




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