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Hi all - I'm hoping I can get some unbiased advice.  I'm not a technological genius but I'm no neophyte either.  I know I need to register a domain name, choose a web hosting service and create a website.  I am looking for a company where I can do all 3 that is not going to be free or put ads on my site.  I want a point and click program to create the website with templates  that are very flexible.  I am hoping to choose a company that offers all 3 services in one place unless you highly recommend otherwise.  I won't have the kind of volume that requires a dedicated server so I assume I am looking for shared hosting but let me know else I should consider.  I am looking for inexpensive but not at the expense of ads on my site or servers crashing or running slow.  I think that completes the laundry list...

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Hey Cinno,


First, welcome to BestTechie! 


I'd definitely recommend buying the domain separately from the web host.  Registrar's like Godaddy.com or Namecheap.com are both good.  You can then use Webair to host the site, they provide site builders and point-and-click installs.  


If you need more specific help, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you out.



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