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Captain, she can't take warp 8!

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Warp speed?! Really? :matrix:

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My problem here is that there is no reason to believe that you can do this in such a manner as to achieve FTL movement.

Consider, that basically you are doing what a gravity wave does naturally, and it is constrained to move at the speed of light.

My guess would be that any such wave (and that is basically what they are creating) can travel through space faster than C.

Yes, you would get the jump to light speed; but you would not have the benefit of lorentz time contraction, nor would you be traveling faster than light.

Now I do see another possibility.

There is no constraint as to how fast space can inflate or deflate; Thus you could "inflate" the space around you and see all of the universe shrink into the distance. (question her eis which direction are you moving?) Now comes along "quantum Entanglement" or as Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance). Your pit in space would be matched by a corresponding entangled pit which would bend to meet yours in whatever dimension you are expanding. Then when they meet, you would transfer and collapse space and be at your destination. It would essentially be an instantaneous transfer (well very little time elapsed) from point A to point B.

Of course the only way I can see you having any real control of where point B is is if the Universe is a giant quantum computer; that like in "HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy" we are a subroutine of a greater program that our actions and decisions are part of a great computation. Then you would go where you are supposed to go because that is how it is.

That leeds me to ponder something I read recently that at the quantum level, gravity becomes inflationary.

Okay, if that is so, what happens when a black hole collapses? Externally, gravity is an attractive force collapsing the black hole, but internally it is inflationary expanding the space inside the black hole. So the black hole is bigger on the inside than the outside. If you were inside the black hole in this inflated space; you would see the event horizon as we see the cosmic background radiation of the big bang. From inside the event horizon, there would be no before or beyond even though there actually is. Anything falling into the event horizon would result in a further inflation of the "inner space" as the event horizon expands, and it would result in "splotchiness" of the radiation from the event horizon.

Much to ponder here.. Would we see an external mass as a deformation of inflation ? Would stuff inside the event horizon be affected by an external mass? What of a merger with another event horizon?

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