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More Space Pics: Lava Field on Mars

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Very interesting. The spiral formations are intriguing. I can think of several ways in which they could have formed.

Hope the Mars Science Laboratory / Curiosity rover makes it there safely.


We will know on Aug 05/06


Landing is supposed to be here634107main_pia15292-43_946-710.jpg

'Mount Sharp' Inside Gale Crater


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Yeah I have been keeping an eye on the curiosity rover site and checking for new pics.

They are still testing systems (supposed to be testing the rock vaporizing laser today) .

Wish they would hurry up and finish and get moving.

The Glenelg site looks very interesting. From the satellite image it looks very interesting.

Perhaps a dry lakebed with a shore line, an inflow with delta and two different terrains on the shore



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