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LAN problem

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good day!

I'm having problems again with my broadband connection. Currently, I'm trying to isolate the problem by removing my wireless network and directly accessing the modem. But I'm having issues with my ASUS K40IJ Series laptop. When I connect to the modem it says "network cable unplugged" even though I'm plugged. I thought something was wrong with my LAN card, but last night I was able to access it again -although it took quite a few minutes for it to be recognized. The problem is not with the cable because I was able to make it work instantly with my other netbook. So this means the hardware problem would be on my ASUS laptop. Any trouble shooting suggestions? Driver says its updated. I'm using Win7.


PS >> I got it working after this post. I don't what I did other than I restarted my laptop while the LAN cable was attached. Apparently I needed to restart my laptop...

Any ideas?


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When switching between wireless and wired you need to shut down the wireless connection then switch to the Ethernet. Rebooting accomplished that for you.

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