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starting our 7th year

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Time just goes by. I started my computer repair business 6 years ago. I knew just a little more then the average geek. I knew how to relaod windows and basic hardware trouble shooting. WE have grown steadily over the years. We moved to a new better location last August. I got a picture of our geeky messy shop. I am proud of it :-)

We also are starting to move into Apple repair. We are very inexperienced with it, but will learn!

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Ha! Congrats. I remember the issues from ... has it been THAT f'n long?!?

Lookin' good. How's the Apple learnin' curve? I've been asked for help on Apple computer before and I have to admit, I'm just lost. Lost. Looks the same. Arranged the same. But ... nothing's the same! :D

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my goodness has it bin that long

like most of you when i started

i thought a compt was what they shot to the moon

but with the help of all of you i now make my own compts

and i repair any with in my region

i charge very little just costs

as ime retired it is my hobby

ime known as the local fixit upper

great title

for me living in the nether regions

it is a pleassure for me to know all you great people

tho i dont come as often as i used to you are always in my thoughts

have a happy new year all and ile be back


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