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It's Time For an Apple Patch Tuesday

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October 13, 2011, 4:22PM

It's Time For an Apple Patch Tuesday

by Dennis Fisher

If there's one thing that can be said about Apple, it's that the company operates on its own timeline. It does what it pleases at whatever time suits it, and the customers appear. Actually, they don't simply appear, they wait expectantly and move as one when asked. This has proven to be enormously profitable for Apple and quite satisfying for most of its customers. But the one area where this has not worked so well is security.

This week has been the perfect example of how things have gone sideways for Apple on security. In the space of two days, the company has pushed out a new version of iTunes, a new version of iOS for the iPhone and iPad, and a new version of Mac OS X. Each of these releases included a huge number of security updates, some of which are critical fixes for problems that had been identified weeks or months earlier. For example, iOS 5, released on Wednesday after much anticipation, included 95 security updates. One of these was a fix that removed the DigiNotar root certificates from the list of trusted roots on iOS, something that all of the major browser vendors--including Apple--had done weeks earlier in their desktop versions due to the seriousness of the compromise of the DigiNotar CA infrastructure. But the company wasn't able to get an iOS update out to fix the problem until this week, more than a month after the first news of the DigiNotar attack came out.

Story - https://threatpost.c...-tuesday-101311

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