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How do you Delete downloads in Progress? [IPOD TOUCH]

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Good Morning Team!!

I was using my Ipod Touch (64GB) and I downloaded a new show that I like. It would error out and then say "Tap to retry" It would download most of the way and then error out, and seems to be in an endless download loop when I connect to Wifi. Problem is, that I downloaded it successfully and it is on the Ipod, but it would want to redownload itself, error out and stay in the download queue of the Ipod and would NOT go away for a while.

It finally downloaded all the way in the download queue, BUT:

Is there a way to stop downloads in progress. and delete them from the queue, so that everytime you login on wireless, it does not want to continually download this show or app that failed 10-15 times? Every place I read about this talks about resetting the ipod, and I don't want to lose the content on the device - I also cannot believe that the answer to this question is not as direct and simple, as it would be for deleting apps: Simply tap and hold the icon till it shakes and then delete it......

Can anyone help me so that the NEXT time this happens, I wont have an endless download loop on a purchased download that fails on the ipod?



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