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An opposite 4-letter word …

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Here is a game to play that you might enjoy. This is how it goes - remember the opposite word must always be only 4 letters. Whoever answers the question will also ask the new question.


Me: What is a 4 letter word that is the opposite of fat"

Your Answer: Slim

You ask the new question - What is the 4 letter opposite word of covered?

Anyone would answer: Bare

Now I will ask the 1st question & you all can take it from here.

What is a 4 letter word for the opposite of acknowledge?

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Ah crap, what happend ? I posted and then it said post deleted. Must have hit the wrong button.

Bored are we? Do not deny it, denial is not a river in Egypt.

I am bored too, but that is because it is so freaking hot for this time of year, even by Texas standards. Been in the nineties all week , 99 yesterday and was 97 at 4PM today. That is ten degrees above normal for this time of year, and the summer high pressure dome appears to have settled in early meaning we have nothing but clear skies and increasing heat in sight until fall. It got hot before we had a chance to acclimatize and stepping out doors feels like sticking your head in an oven.

I could probably cook barbeque on the dashboard of my truck during the day.

So what is the opposite of Texas Heat. (And don't say Maimi Heat)

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haha I've lived most my life in denial when a few days ago was near frost 33f, "deny" then 2 days of 90f in a row, I don't even consider going outside above 79, a better day will come long before the 10 mile run for milk and bread to civilization.

Tho I heard that rich boy abandoned and went to Miami as tho I care less.

Hey Pete my VA dentist was there for the super bowl spent $11,000 for the trip, wives can be expensive but precious.

Try cold...

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