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I Won A Winnebago Motor Home!

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A man goes to a restaurant and buys a small juice carton. On the side,

he sees a peel-off prize sticker. He opens it and yells, "I won a motor

home! I won a Winnebago motor home!" The waitress argues, "That's

impossible. The biggest prize is a stereo system!" The man insists, "No.

I won a motor home!" The manager hears the ruckus and walks over. He

says, "You couldn't possibly have won a motor home, because we didn't

have that as one of our prizes." The customer insists, and hands the

manager the sticker. On it, the manager reads, "Win a Bagel."

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Good one Sultan... :lol:

But you know that is in a way very tragic, in the fact that their are people in the greatest nation (IMO) on earth who are still illiterate. Our kids are graduating and some still can't read or write (other than slang, eubonics, and profanity). :(

Sorry...I shouldn't vent in this forum, but that hit a nerve with me.

Lamuskrat goes and sits in the corner, in time out

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