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Okay, you need to stop the WMI service and then rename a specific repository file to old so it gets rebuilt.

Two ways.

Go to start / run and type services.msc and hit enter

Locate Windows Management Instrumentation service

Select it and double click to open its interface and click stop service

Go to tools => folder options => view

Select show hidden and system files

Uncheck hide known file extensions

Uncheck hide protected files


Locate the folder Windows\System32\wbem

Using windows explorer

Locate the folder inside named "Repository"

right click it and choose Rename

Rename it Repository.old

Go back to Services.msc and restart WMI

Alternative method

Go to start / run and type


hit enter

In the black box type

net stop winmgmt

hit enter


cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem

hit enter


ren repository repository.old

hit enter


net start winmgmt

hit enter

Be patient, it may take a couple minutes for windows to realize the repository is missing and then search the registry and rebuild it.

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