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Windows Update question/problem

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I noticed about a week ago that windows update page seemed different.

Different color scheme and layout.

On the computer I am using, windows has two critical updates keeping the yellow shield in the taskbar.

Problem is, I don't have office on this OS/Computer.

Also, when I select XP, in the left column of updates, there are no critical updates.

What gives?

This is messing with my OCD!


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Look carefully , it is office Access Runtime and system driver (database connectivity).

The Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2007 applications to users who do not have the full version of Access 2007 installed on their computers

Microsoft offers a runtime version of Microsoft Access 2007 for download. This allows people to create Access solutions and distribute it for use by non-Microsoft Access owners (similar to the way DLLs or EXEs are distributed). Unlike the regular version of Access, the runtime version allows users to use the Access application but they cannot use its design surfaces.

Basically it means that you have either been sent a document and used an access viewer or have some other application that takes advantage of access databases so that you got the runtime environment installed. As such, it needs to be patched when they find holes in it.

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OK Pete, updates done. Now if I could figure out why the Windows update shield shows up in the top left of HTC Incredible cell phone.

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