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Using Return In Function

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I have this function below

def movie_find():    
   import os
   import string

   ls_dir = os.listdir('/home/shane/freevo/movies')
   dir_list =[]
   for i in ls_dir:
       if string.find(i,'.mp4') != -1:
    if i[0] != '.':
        if string.find(i,'.conf') == -1:
       if string.find(i,'.avi') != -1:
    if string.find(i,'.conf') == -1:

how do I use the return so I am able to use the list called dir_list out side of the function.

I have tried adding

return dir_list

to the function, but that does not seem to help

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I feel stupid. I was trying to use the info that I returned in the function with the varaible name used in the function

wrong way

print dir_list

correct way

print movie_find()

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